Why ITR’s AR Solutions

Off-the-shelf ready to use turnkey AR Solutions

We are offering complete set of Collaboration tools with our Could-based Augmented Field Services Platform. You will need minutes after getting your hands on the AR Glasses (our hardware) to setup your Collaboration Environment and start utilizing the solution in your company immediately. Essentially, we are moving the gap between the hardware purchase and development of your own Collaboration Platform; Or integrating the hardware with your current tools (like ERP, MES, CRM, etc.).

We even go a step further with our comprehensive Augmented Process Solutions (part of the same Augmented Field Services Platform). We offer you the unique possibility for digitalization of your ground or on-the-move processes by creating step-by-step digital instructions, as well as real-time monitoring of active processes. Process Standardization is leading to the efficient way of quality improvement while lowering the operational cost.

Well, we felt is not enough, so you will have at your disposal the AR Training, The Evidential real-time recording of all sessions, AI Object marking/tracking during sessions, Multi Sessions support, and much more. All this with the simple target to improve your productivity, lower the incident handling time, reduce travel and associated cost, enhance your video knowledge base, etc.