World Leading Software company from Redmond, Seattle USA

World leading Software company Headquartered in Redmond, Seattle, USA. At the time the company has decided to build the biggest R&D location outside of USA.

Project: Infrastructure Design, Tech Bidding Management and Implementation QA Management

China High-Availability R&D Center, Beijing

Project Information

  • Two buildings, 35 floors, ~6,000 persons & over 100,000 sq.m.
  • Over 25,000 Structured Cabling points
  • Cabling Topology design
  • IT room and Communication Room Design
  • Centralized and Distributed LAB design (over 6,000 sqm.)
  • Horizontal and vertical IT backbone redundancy (campus & LOTs)
  • Coordination with design team (architecture, MEP, TI, etc.) and HQ in Seattle
  • Setting IT infrastucture standards for China

Project Challenges Solved by ITR

  • IT design according to HQ Global IT standards for new Beijing campus
  • Full year design process
  • Local industry standard integration
  • Selected localization
  • Technical Bidding Management/Assessment
  • IT Quality Assurance and T&C Malmanagement for the implementation cycle