World Leading Software company from Redmond, Seattle USA

World leading Software Company Headquartered in Redmond, Seattle, USA, contacted ITR as the primary consultant for this project. The company had decided to build the largest R&D location outside of the United States.

Project: 2 Year Project - Infrastructure Design, Technology Bidding Management and Implementation of QA Management systems

China High-Availability R&D Center, Beijing

Project Information

  • Two Buildings, 35 Floors, ~6,000 Persons & Over 100,000 sq.m Area.
  • Over 25,000 Structured Cabling Points
  • Cabling Topology Design
  • IT Room and Communication Room Design
  • Centralized and Distributed LAB Design (Over 6,000 sqm.)
  • Horizontal and Vertical IT Backbone Redundancy (Campus & LOTs)
  • Coordination with Design Team (Architecture, MEP, TI, etc.) and HQ in Seattle
  • Setting IT Infrastucture Standards for China

Project Challenges Solved by ITR

  • IT Design According to HQ Global IT Standards for New Beijing Campus
  • Full Year Design Process
  • Local Industry Standard Integration
  • Selected Localization
  • Technical Bidding Management/Assessment
  • IT Quality Assurance and T&C Malmanagement for the Implementation Cycle